Welcome to Great Notley Football Club

Committed and enthusiastic grassroots youth football club based in Great Notley Garden Village in Essex.

About Us

At GNFC we view children as incredibly important. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to influence each player’s educational and social development. We take our role in their lives seriously; our vision and objectives below outline how we aim to influence and encourage youngsters to use their time constructively and learn valuable life skills.

The vision for GNFC is to become the best junior football club in the country; by providing first class coaching and facilities that will develop the talents of the players and coaches to their highest potential levels of achievement. Our vision is to become an organisational model of excellence; positively engaging and channelling the energies of the young to the benefit of all members of our local community.

The key aims of GNFC are:
To channel the energies of GNFC players into discovery of their football skills
Develop skilled, confident and creative players
Make the game fun to practice and play
Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
Value winning; but not more than character and performance
Create a sporting environment within which young players can develop
To develop the skills of our coaches using up-to-date coaching methods
Provide a safe & educational experience that meets FA best practice criteria
To create the awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle
To help our community to become a better place in which to live and work, by encouraging the youngsters to stay off the street and take part in constructive, enjoyable and educational activities